Rabu, 13 April 2011

Visual Musicality in Graphic Expression

Digital technologies have converged with digital forms and integrally affected developments in art, music, design, film and literature. Visual communication is undergoing a profound transformation as new technologies continually challenge the way images and things are produced. The problem issued in this study is on the inadequacy of learning visual communication design with the traditional method because of the democratization of desktop digital technology in recent learning environment. This research combines the qualitative and quantitative approach, the study used visual data collection, particularly sketches drawn by participants. Quantitative approach was used in compiling and categorizing data through participant observation, which means researcher took place during data gathering. It is to explore and to discover whether the increase in music and graphics in contemporary era of digitalization, can enhance the essentials of creative design through the analogy between music expressions and graphics elements. This research providing morphology of visual language of music and visual expression, particularly in the study of lines and its composition.